Body Ripped Evolution WPI


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EVOLUTION WPI is a 100% Whey Protein Isolate blend, specially formulated to provide the highest quality, and maximum percentage of Whey Protein Isolate per serve, while being ultra-low fat, and very low-carb, with absolutely zero fillers or amino spiking.

Like all Body Ripped protein blends, EVOLUTION WPI is produced from the milk of grass-fed cows, and we believe it is one of the purest and tastiest protein isolate blends available on the market.

EVOLUTION WPI is completely Gluten-Free, and comes in five fantastic flavors, all of which have been blended for excellent mix ability and mouth-feel.

EVOLUTION WPI is made with fast-release WPI, designed to efficiently reach and refuel your muscles in the shortest possible time. It also contains very fast-release Hydrolyzed WPI for rapid absorption.

Designed to accelerate muscle recovery, while assisting in building lean muscle tissue and preventing fat gain, EVOLUTION WPI is ideal for use by all levels of bodybuilders, athletes, as well as trainers wanting to boost strength and lean muscle.

On top of all this, EVOLUTION WPI’s fully-integrated high-BCAA and high-Glutamine whey framework is structured to deliver the correct balance of amino acids to the working muscles, while starving the body’s fat cells.

EVOLUTION WPI contains 85-86% protein level per serve, with just 0.3g of fats, and less than 0.4g of sugars.

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Banana, Chocolate, Vanilla


2.3 Kg


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